1. Start by logging into labs (https://labs.audits.io)

  • Use the same credentials as in audits.io

  • You can also access the log-in page in the "Settings"-view of audits.io

2. Move to the “Teams”-tab

3. Press the pen button on the right-hand side of the team you want to edit.

4. You’re now in the team view. You can see the users who belong the team in the “People”-section. You can also add and delete users from teams.

  • To delete a user from a team, click the “X”-icon (#1 in the image)

  • To add a user to a team, choose the user from the dropdown list. Remember that the user must belong to your organization. (#2 in the image)

5. The user rights of non-admin users (“members”) are managed under the “Rights”-section.

You can set two different rights to a team: 

  • the right to audit and see own audits (“Start New Audits” - #1 in the image)

  • the right to see all made audits (“View audits made by others”- N.B. selecting only this option doesn’t give the team rights to audit - #2 in the image)

The rights are based on “Templates” (#3 in the image) and “Targets” (#4 in the image)

  • If none of the “Templates” or “Targets” are chosen, the users belonging to this team have the rights to use all the templates and targets that are set to the organization

  • You can limit the user rights by selecting “Templates” and “Targets” from the list

6. Please remember to confirm the changes by clicking the “Save”-button

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