NOTE: In principle, only admins can add new targets unless otherwise agreed.

If you've got user rights to add new targets, you will see the 'Targets'-tab in Menu:

Press the plus-button in top right corner to add a new target:

When you have named the target (and added a target image if you like), remember to press 'create target' button and Voilá: you can see the new target in list view:

ATTENTION! If you want to add several targets at once, you can do it through Excel by following these instructions:

Editing targets

You can edit an existing target from the same place by clicking the target which you want to edit:

Once you have opened the target you want edit, click on the pencil- icon on the right corner:

After you've clicked the pencil- icon the heading will change to "Edit target". Now you can edit the name, description and remove or update the picture. Finally press "SAVE CHANGES". 

Now you can continue auditing and use the updated target.

It is not possible to remove targets as it would affect ongoing offline audits. Non-active targets can be renamed e.g. as "Archived".

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