1) Start by logging into labs (https://labs.audits.io)

  • You’ll use the same credentials as in audits.io

  • You can also access the log-in page in the "Settings"-view of audits.io

2) Move to the “People”-tab

3) Press the green "plus"-button that you can find from bottom right corner

4) You are now in "Invite new user" view, where you can define what user rights you want the new user to have

5) Fill in the email, first name and last name of the new user in the user details section

6) Specify the user rights in "Rights" and "Teams" section by following the instructions below:

  • If you want to give the user admin rights or the right to add, remove, or modify targets, select the rights you want under "Rights"

  • If you want to add a regular user, leave the "Rights" blank and add the person under the "Teams" section to your desired team

  • Remember to add a regular user to a team because otherwise the user cannot start new or see any audits

  • Admin users need not be added to any team, since people with admin rights have full visibility for all templates and targets in the organization

7) Once you have given the user the desired user rights, confirm by pressing the green "Invite user" button at the bottom

8) You have successfully added a new user to audits.io. The user will automatically receive instructions for use by email

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