1. Go to the Administration tab

2. Click on the Users button.

3. Click on the "+" icon on top right corner.

4. You'll see for form for inviting a user.

5. The first part of the form looks like this.

6. Fill in this information. 

  • Let the user set their password: The user will get an invite link to their email where they can set their password themselves in either case.

  • Set a password for the user: If you set a password for the user here, we do not send that password to the user. If the password is forgotten, it the user can reset password.

  • Use Single Sign-On for authentication: The sign-on authentication is based on a third party login, such as your company login.

7. You can then set up the rights for the user as instructed on the form. Those settings will determine what a user can report, see and edit on incy.io.

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