What should I do if the app asks to increase database size?

When you are using the app, you might encounter a dialog asking: you want to allow "https://app.audits.io" to use more storage on your device:

This is is completely normal and it happens especially if you have taken lots of pictures. We recommend that you press Increase to allow to the app to use more storage. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee anymore that your changes will be saved.

Where did my audit go? Why is my audit visible on my phone but not on my PC?

If you have unsaved changes on one of your devices, these changes are not yet visible to other devices. 

Why the audit looks different my PC than on my phone/tablet?

Same as in previous question. If one your devices has unsaved changes, these changes are not visible to other devices.

What are unsaved changes?

Unsaved changes are changes you've made that are stored only in the local memory of your device. They have not yet been synced to audits.io servers. 

How do I know if I have unsaved changes?

If there are any unsaved changes, they show in a black bar at the top of audits.io application:

What can I do if saving the unsaved changes takes ages?

If you have taken lots of pictures or you are working with a bad internet connection, saving the unsaved changes can take a while. To save the unsaved changes faster with your mobile device, you can do the following:

  • Use Wi-Fi if available.

  • Make sure you have good cellular connectivity. 

  • Move to another location if needed.

How to make sure that unsaved changes are actually saved?

  • Keep the app open until everything is saved.

  • Wait for the top bar of unsaved changes to disappear. The top bar will decrease the amount of unsaved changes when the app has Internet connection and is saving the changes.

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