New templates are imported to using a standard Excel format. An example Excel file can be downloaded below.

The standard Excel format

The Excel sheet should contain the following columns:

  • Section: Name of the question section 

  • Question: Name of the question 

  • Choices: Question choices from worst to best separated by semicolon ; . If no choices are given then the question is a free text question. 

  • Help text: A help text that is displayed when answering the question. The help text format supports Markdown

  • Quick observations: Question quick observations separated by semicolon ;

  • Question weight: The weight the question should have in relation to other questions. For free text questions this should always be zero. For questions with choices this should be an integer greater than or equal to zero. For more info about the question weights, check this help article.

The sections and questions should always be listed in the order they should be in the system. All questions of a section should be defined after each other, with no questions from other sections in-between.

The questions of a section should be in a continuous block.

The file should be saved as .xlsx Excel file, to ensure that it will import to the system.

Importing the Excel file

Once you have a new template ready in the Excel file, you can contact us and we can import it to the system for you.

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