Open links make it possible to create observations for other than just logged in users.

With open links it is possible to gather more observations and gather them from people that would not otherwise create them.

Possible usages for open links are:

  • Workers who don't have their own account

  • With open links can be used from tablet that is mounted on a stand. That way everyone who passes by can create observations

  • Open link can be printed on a wall, maybe with QR-code. This makes it possible that anyone with a smartphone can create observations. For an example customers.

Setting them up

Go to administration settings and select open links from there.

From open links page you can see all the active open links in your organization. You may add new open links from the plus sign at the top right corner.

The open link's name is contained in the url for the open link. You may limit the categories and places the created observations can have.

How they work

When open link has been created, you can go to the url without being logged in. The url created in the previous step would now be

Observations can be created similarly from this link as how logged in users create them. Differences are that from open links other parts of the application cannot be accessed. Also the side panel is not shown at open links.

When creating observations from open link, language of the site is determined based on the user's operating systems language settings and the organization active translations language. The user is able to changes the language to any translations that have been enabled to the organization.

At the end user is directed to thank you page. There the user can easily go to create new observation.

The message on the thank you page can also be customized on organization basis from Administration -> Other settings -> Open link success message.


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