Opening and closing an observation

The observation listing looks like this. Observation filter is on the right hand side. An observation can have 4 different kind of status.

  • Open

  • Overdue (late open)

  • Closed

  • None (no status)

When creating a new observation you can select if the observation will require follow up actions. If "Follow-up actions needed" option is selected, assignees can be added and a deadline can be set to the observation. It will also create the observation with an “open” status. Otherwise if "No follow-up actions needed" is selected the observation will be created with no status.

A place has to be chosen in order to add assignees. If a deadline is set, it later determines when the observation gets the overdue status.

After submitting the observation with "Follow-up actions needed", the observation is open. An open observation looks like this. An observation can be closed by pressing the "Mark as closed" button at the bottom. Usually this is done when the reported problem has been handled.

The follow-up actions can be edited by clicking the status box in the middle of the observation page.

Selecting "No follow-up actions needed"  to an observation that already has had follow-up actions removes the deadline and possible assignees. A warning will appear regarding this upon saving changes.

When editing an observation of a category that “requires follow up actions” the follow-up actions modal will look like this. The requirement can be removed from the Categories settings in the Administration menu.

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