1. Login to audits.io with your iPhone or iPad at https://app.audits.io/login.

2. Open up the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad (the camera icon on the home screen)

3. Take the photo in the Camera app and ensure that you have "Photo" selected as the photo mode

4. Click the 'square' which indicated photos taken (circled in the screenshot above) to open the Photos app

5. In the Photos app, you should see the most recent photo first. Click the "photo settings" button (indicated with three sliders icon, circled in the screenshot above).

6. When the options open, click the "more options" button (indicated by a circle with three dots inside it, circled in screenshot above)

7. Choose the "Markup" option in the menu that opens up (indicated with the toolbox icon, circled in screenshot above).

8. Now that the markup tool has opened, you can start immediately drawing on the picture. You can optionally change the type of markup (color, thickness of the drawing; change to text etc.). For more information, check out Apple's official helpcenter article: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206885.

9. The Markup feature tries to be smart, and recognize a common shape such as an arrow for you. If it does, it can try to suggest turning your drawing into that shape, by clicking on the related button (circled in the screenshot above).

10. If the shape creation was successful, your drawing will turn into that shape (see the newly created arrow that you can move around in the screenshot above).

11. After you're done with annotating the image, click on the "Done" button (circled in the screenshot above).

12. After pressing "Done" (previous step), the annotated image will appear in your Photos app.

13. Switching back to the Audits.io app, in the audit you were doing, you can now add a new photo related to the audit question you are answering.

14. Choose the "Photo Library" option from the menu that pops up (instead of "Take Photo").

15. Choose the "Moments" collection of photos in the popup menu.

16. Select the annotated picture you just made with the Markup functionality.

17. After selecting the photo, Audits should automatically upload the photo and give you a dialog. Click the "Save" button to finalize saving the annotated image into your audit. Remember that it requires an Internet connection and some time to upload the photo. A status indicator appears when the uploading is in progress.

Note: you can optionally add additional text to the photo, by clicking on the text box below the photo, if your annotated photo needs some text to accompany it (perhaps to describe what you just annotated).

18. Now that the annotated image has been uploaded, it will show up as an observation related to the question you were answering.

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