When conducting an audit you may create observations. An observation can be anything you observe during the inspection; a positive note, a defect that needs fixing, or just an improvement idea. 

If you mark an observation to need a follow-up, it can be assigned to a responsible person. Only users, who can see the audit, can be assigned. The assignee will be notified via email of the observation once you complete the audit. As you see below, the email will contain the observation's details and a View Observation -link to view the observation details page in audits.io.

Seeing observations of a completed audit

The observations of a completed audit can be viewed in the report page of the audit. You can navigate to the audit report from the completed audits listing in Audits menu tab.

The observations are listed under the question they were reported in. You can open a detailed view of the observation by clicking on it.

Browsing all observations

The full list of observations can be found under the Observations menu tab. The listing will list all of the observations of the audits you can see in the system, listed in the order they were reported in. Clicking an observation will take you to the observation details page.

Tracking the statuses of observations

If the inspector marks the observation to require a follow-up action, it will have an open status. If the observation also has a due date that has been passed, the observation's status will be overdue. After the assignee takes needed action to resolve the issue, they can then close the observation in the observation details page, which will change the observation's status to closed

When an observation is created without requiring follow-up actions, it will have No status state. 

Statuses of observations: Open, Closed, Overdue, or No status.

Filtering the listing

The observations can be filtered in the listing by:

  • Status: All, Open, Closed, No status

  • Assignee: All, Me

  • Reporter: All, Me

You can also use the search bar in the top of the page to find certain observations. The search will match most of the content that's displayed, so you could for instance find all open observations that are reported to a certain location and have a certain person mentioned.

Observation details page

The observation details page will list all the details of the observation. It will also allow you to conduct many actions, such as edit parts of the observation, close the observation, and discuss the observation in the Comments section.

You can navigate to the observation details page from the observation listing, or by clicking on an observation in the audit report.

Editing the follow-up details

Clicking the edit icon next to the observation's status will allow you to edit the follow-up details:

  • If the observation requires follow-up

  • Assignee

  • Due date

Closing the observation

An open or overdue observation will have a Mark as closed button at the bottom of the page. Clicking this button will change the observation's status to closed.

A closed observation can be re-opened by clicking the same button at the bottom of the page.


If you have some more evidence or inquiries related to the observation, you should use the Comments section to explain the situation in more detail. You can post a comment at the bottom of the page, and include any attachments you need to enrich the comment.

If you have any questions regarding observations, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

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