The PDF reports of completed audits can be customized for different use cases. The customization is always applied to a specific audit template, so that different types of audits will have the best possible PDF reports.

Customization possibilities

Below are listed the different customization capabilities supported by If you would like to get your PDF report customized, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

Answer layout

The questions and answers displayed in the PDF can be positioned in two manners:

  1. The contents are displayed in a single column

  2. The contents are displayed in two side-by-side columns

If the contents are displayed in two columns, the length of the report can decrease considerably. On the other hand, the readability of the report is better with just a single column, especially if the answers include a lot of textual answers and comments.

Examples of the two layout possibilities.

Cover page

By default, the PDF report will include a cover page containing the basic information of the audit. This basic information contains:

  • the audit template

  • the audit target and its image

  • the inspector

  • the score of the audit

  • the inspection date

The report itself will start after the cover page.

If needed, the cover page can be hidden altogether. This will result in a more compact PDF report, since the answers are going to be listed starting from the first page.

Report with and without a cover page.


The images that were attached to the audit can be shown in two manners:

  1. The images are displayed as large as possible next to the answer.

  2. The images are shown as small thumbnails next to the answers, and listed as large images in a separate attachment at the end of the report.

Images displayed as large as possible.

Small thumbnails, and a separate attachment.

The score of the audit

By default, the PDF report will display the score of the audit, for example 96. The score might also be shown for each individual section of the audit. If the audit score isn't important for you, or if you wouldn't like the people receiving the PDF to see it, it can be hidden altogether.

"Not applicable" -answers

It's possible to hide Not applicable -answers from the PDF report.  This might decrease the report length considerably, especially if a whole audit section was answered as Not Applicable.

Defect summary

There's a defect summary in the PDF that lists all the questions that had the worst answer chosen. The purpose of this section is to collect all answers that should be acted upon.

The defect summary can be shown either at the start or at the end of the PDF report. It's also possible to hide the summary altogether.

Defect summary

Section summary

A table containing the sections of the audit with their respective scores is shown before the full report in the PDF. This summary can also be hidden, if the audit does not have that many sections or the report should be kept compact.

Section summary

If you have any further questions regarding customizing PDFs, do not hesitate to contact us!

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