As a manager of a team of inspectors or of multiple locations, one of the most important aspects is to keep track how each target is doing compared to other targets. To improve these comparisons, we have added the possibility to create tags and tag categories for targets.

Tags vary by industry, function and process but the most typical ones are the following:

  • Area (e.g. City)

  • Region (e.g. State or Province)

  • Country

  • Chain (e.g. Retailers/hospitality that operates multiple chains)

  • Department (e.g. Different business lines or divisions)

  • Customer (e.g. Service businesses serving multiple companies)

  • Building Type (e.g. Property investor owning different buildings)

  • Space Type (E.g. Toilets, Offices, Lobby, etc)

  • Brand 

To manage tags, go to

Here you can add new tags to existing tag categories and also new tag categories.

There are two ways how tags help:

1. For an inspector, when starting a new audit you can use search using tags as query and you'll find all the relevant targets with that specific tag:

2. For an assignee or manager following up on audit observations and actions, you can filter by specific tag or tags:

3. For a manager, when tracking audit results, you can compare overall audit results by tags too:

Log in to audits admin and add your first tags now!

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