Suppose you have the following table:

The table represents monthly number of observations for each observation category.

In order to sort Categories by 11th month, you need to right click on the column "11" and then click "Sort Category by this Column" menu option:

(Note: right click on the actual month 11, not the "Month" header field above)

After that the categories will be sorted by 11th month in descending order:

If you repeat the steps and apply the sorting one more time, it will sort it in ascending order.
In order to remove the sorting, right click again and press "Remove all sorting":

Exporting the table to Excel file

In order to export the data to an Excel document, press the Excel icon in the top right corner of the table, or right click anywhere in the table and select "Export to Excel file" menu option.

After you have pressed the "Load" button in the data query form and the table has been rendered, you can share the link to the table you have configured with all the rows, columns and filters:

You can either save it in your notes for later usage, or send it to your coworker. Note that the person you are sharing this link with, must have appropriate user rights in the app to see the table.

Changing the order of rows and columns

You can drag and drop the rows and columns that you see in the pivot grid in order to change the representation of the table:

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