Note! Only the incident reporter, admin and those with editing rights can edit an observation afterwards. 

First choose from the observation list the observation which you want to edit:

After selecting the observation click the pencil- icon:

Now you can edit the date, time, place, and description of the observation. 

The status of the observation can be edited from the status box in the middle of the page. 

From the status box you can choose whether follow-up actions are needed. If they are needed, you can edit assignees and the deadline for the observation.

Selecting "No follow-up actions needed"  to an observation that already has had follow-up actions removes the deadline and possible assignees. A warning will appear regarding this upon saving changes.

Remember to save changes.

The follow-up actions status cannot be removed from the observation if "requires follow-up actions" has been selected for the category from the settings. The requirement can be removed from the Categories settings in the Administration menu.

You can see all the editing history from the activity section at the end.

It is possible to reopen an observation from the bottom of the page once it has been marked as closed.

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