Please note! You need admin rights to be able to manage tags.

  1. Start by logging into labs (

  2. Select tags from the left menu

To edit existing main tag type category and the ones inside it, click on the pencil- icon:

A small window will pop up where you can edit the tag name and remember always to save changes. You can discard by clicking outside of the box or the Discard- button:

NOTE! When deleting you have to confirm it by tiking the box "I understand, delete this tag type" because action cannot returned and press "DELETE".

To add a new tag type click on "+ ADD A NEW TYPE TAG" and fill in the name on the pop up window and save. After this you can add types under the same type category by clicking "ADD A NEW TAG" which will be under each Type category section:

To get the most out of target/location tags check our other article about tag managment from the following link:

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