Incy allows you to anonymize reporter from given observations by checking the "Anonymized reporter" option from the associated observation category. This option can be found from the edit observation category page. 

Anonymizing the reporter is useful when given observation category has sensitive observations such as

  • Misconducts / abusive behaviours where the perpetrator might be the direct superior of the reporter.

  • Any incidents that contain sensitive of the reporter's organization and where the information might get the original reporter into trouble if someone else except organization admins saw it.

  • Accidents or observation that contain sensitive information of the reporter. In order to gather learnings from these and sharing them more openly within the whole organization it is usually a good idea to anonymize the reporter and protect his identity.¬†

Anonymizing means not showing the reporter name to any other users except the organization admins and reporter himself. The anonymization applies to:

  1. Reporter name in the observation

  2. All activities made by the reporter (for example when he changes some fields in the observation)

  3. Any comments made by the original reporter 

Any user that is able to see the observation simply sees "Anonymized reporter" instead of the original reporter's name (see picture below).

Admins see a banner from which they are able to see the reporter's name.

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