Incy allows you to anonymize replies for given questions by checking the "Anonymized" option for the associated question. This option can be found from the edit question page. If the option is not visible for you yet please contact incy support.

Anonymizing the reply is useful when certain aspects of an observation contains sensitive information such as

  • Important details that can be regarded as personal information.

  • Names of other people related to the observation.

  • Details about operations that are not publicly known.

Anonymizing means not showing the reply to a question to any other users except the organization admins and reporter himself. When writing a report with an anonymous question, the creator sees the disclaimer "Anonymized question" under the question.

Any user that is able to see the observation simply sees the reply as "Hidden" for any anonymized question (see picture below).

Admins see a disclaimer under the question stating that the question was anonymized, but they see reply as normal. 

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