It is possible to link two or more observations together. When separate observations are connected, it is useful to show this connection by linking observations. This provides better oversight of events that transpire, and allows for easy access to all observations that are related.

Linking observations also makes it possible to create several different tasks for different people by creating separate observations to the smaller tasks and linking them to the main observation.

Start by reporting all observations in Then, from the Observations page open up the main observation.

Scroll down to Linked observations and press "+Add linked observation."

This opens up a drop-down menu from which you may choose which observations to link together. There is no limit on how many observations can be linked.

Once linked, you can see all observations that are linked to the main observation. These are also clickable shortcuts to the observations. Observations that are open or overdue are marked with an icon.

Linked observations can easily be removed by clicking X to the right of the observation.

The linked observations automatically receive a link to the main observation, but are not automatically linked to any other observations that are linked to the main observation.


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