Please note. Only organisation administrators can manage the rights of users.

  1. Navigate to the Administration page and click 'Users'

2. Select the user from the list, or use the search function to the top right of the list to search or filter

3. On the user page you may do the following;

  • Change the user's basic information.

  • Change the user type to any of your organisations predefined roles, or grant custom access rights, or make the user an administrator.

  • Modify the user's email notification settings.

4. User custom access rights.

Under the subheading 'Report Rights' you may set which specific categories may be reported by the user, and specify where exactly the user may report these. Additionally, you may separately select the users viewing rights under 'View Rights.' If no category or place is specified, the user will be given access to all categories or places.

You may also choose if the user has editing rights to observations reported by others, if the user can assign users to observations or if the user can be assigned to observations herself.

5. Hit 'Save' and Presto! You have successfully managed an individual users rights in

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