Single Sign-On (SSO) is a method that allows you to sign in to using external access credentials, such as your work login. When using Single Sign-On you may encounter several different error situations.

Forgot / incorrect password

It is important to remember that Single Sign-On log in needs to be done in log in page via the "Login with Single Sign-On" button and in via the "Log in with SSO button". When SSO log in is enabled you can not order a new working password from log in page via "Forgot your password" button. If you have forgotten your password and SSO is enabled please contact your company┬┤s technical support first.

Incorrect log in method

If you have previously logged in to from the home page and this username no longer works, it is possible that your organization has switched to Single Sign-On log in. In this case you can try SSO log in. Instructions for Single Sign-On log in can be found for here and for here. If this also does not work please contact our customer support and we will check which log in method you should use.

Log in via another service

When using another service for example Pelsu, you may be redirected into In this case you will need to log in again using your username. Log in according to whether you have Single Sign-On log in or not. Please note that your username might not be the same as the service that redirected you to

Other error situations

If you are still unable to log in or receive an unexpected error message, please contact to our customer support. In order for us to resolve the problem quickly please include the following information in your message:

Where does the problem occur?

Is Single Sign-On log in enabled?

Which username does the problem occur with?

What kind of error message are you getting?

Possible screenshot of the error situation.

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