Email notifications are sent from based on the settings chosen in the user's profile.

Notifications are sent for every new observation that the user has edit rights for, and for every new comment and status change (closed/open) for those observations. The edit rights are determined when the user's account is set up. Admin users can update the user's edit rights.

Users who have the right to edit the observation and get notifications about them are marked in the observation as observation participants.

The notification settings are the following:

Notifications can also be chosen only from a certain place and category:

Email notifications can also be turned off.

Daily digests and and weekly reminders of observations that the user has edit rights for can be set either on or off. These are sent worldwide at 1UTC/4AM Eastern European Summer Time.

The notification email looks like this. Administrators can edit from the question settings whether they are shown on the notification email:

The weekly digest notification looks like this:

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