Observations can be reported in incy.io depending on what kinds of observations the organization wants to collect.

Observations can be for example like these:

Reporting an observation

Choose from the Report menu what you want to report.

Fill at least the required fields on the observation form. These can be for example the date and time of the observation and the description of what happened.

Follow-up actions can be assigned for the observation if defined so in the question settings. Assignees can be added from the arrow on the right and they can be removed from the cross next to the name.

The users that are marked as assignees on the observation get email notifications about new observations and their status changes (closed/open).

Below the assignee field is the participant field. Users are automatically marked as observation participants if they get notifications from the observations. Email notification settings can be adjusted from the user profile. You can read more about email notifications here.

When all relevant fields are filled, send the observation.

Handling observations

The email notifications look like this. You can navigate to incy.io from the email.

The reported observations can be found from the Observations menu. They can be filtered with the terms in the menu on the right. You can choose to see for example only open observations. It depends on the user right settings what observations are visible to the user.

An observation can be accessed by clicking its heading.

This is how the reported incident looks like. Attachments, linked observations and comments can be added to it. It can also have mandatory Follow-up questions. In that case for example a manager can be required to answer the follow-up questions before the incident can be marked as closed.

The reporter or admin can edit the observation from the pencil icon depending on their user rights.

Here you can find more specific instructions for editing an observation.

The observation can be marked as closed from the bottom of the page. It can be reopened from the same button.

It is also possible that follow-up actions are not made mandatory for the observation category, and the observation does not have a "Mark as closed/open" button. In that case it looks like this:

It is possible to navigate back to the observation listing by using the back button of the browser or the arrow on top of the observation.

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