Investigation observation

When a whistleblowing case is reported, the users assigned to the case will immediately receive an email notification.

By clicking the link in the email you are taken directly to the whistleblowing observation page. If you aren't already signed in to, you will first be directed to the login page.

The investigators will need to open an investigation observation, from where they can link all the related observations to one centralised case, in case you receive several whistleblowing observations related to the same case. From the investigation observation it is also possible to conduct the investigation without disclosing any details to the anonymous whistleblower, who may view the whistleblowing observation case they have reported.

Starting an investigation

After an anonymous whistleblower has reported something you can open up an investigation observation from the Report -page in

Provide all the necessary information, add all the relevant assignees and hit Send observation.

Once sent, you should link observations to the investigation in order to maintain a centralised directory of all open whistleblowing cases, if the same case is reported by several whistleblowers.

If the same case reported is reported several times, you can easily just link them to this main investigation.

Once the investigation is complete, close the whistleblowing observations as well so that the whistleblower can see that the case has been closed.

Handling the reported whistleblowing case

As an assignee you may view and edit any information provided to the whistleblowing observation, as well as comment to communicate with the whistleblower. All actions are logged in the activity log, which is viewed by all observation participants as well as the whistleblower, known here simply as Anonymous User.

The whistleblower cannot see the full participation list, and may only see the names of anyone writing a comment or the name of a person's changes made in the activity log. Handling sensitive data should thus be done through the investigation observation, not the actual whistleblowing observation.

The investigation may have mandatory follow-up questions (marked with an asterisk*) that will need to be answered before the case can be closed.

Once all questions have been answered it is possible to close the observation by pressing Mark as closed on the bottom of the page. It is not possible to do this if mandatory questions remain unanswered.

Once closed, the observation will not appear as open or overdue, meaning that no reminders will be sent out to assignees or participants.

A closed observation may be reopened again by pressing Mark as open on the bottom of the page.

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