Using Plan Brothers' whistleblowing software it is possible to report an observation completely anonymously. The service will anonymise you so that the observation you are reporting cannot be associated with you. Take precautions to make sure that your identity remains hidden;

  • Do not disclose any identifying personal information about yourself or anyone not directly involved in the case you are reporting.

  • If you are using a shared computer or device, make sure your browser is in incognito/private mode first. Close the browser window after you're done.

  • Copy the credentials (username and password) that are auto-generated after you have reported the whistleblower observation. Do this in a secure manner.

Reporting a whistleblower observation

You can reach the reporting page from a whistleblowing link provided by your organisation. These links should be easy to find and accessible to anyone within your organisation. You do not need to log in to report a whistleblowing observation.

After browsing to the URL you'll see some basic information provided by your organisation to the left of the page. The buttons to the right let you Create a new observation to report a whistleblower observation, or Follow observation to check in on a previously reported whistleblower observation.

To report a whistleblower observation, click Create new observation, then select what you are reporting.

Answer the questions and fill in the missing information. Remember to protect your identity when answering questions. Once you're satisfied with the answers you've given, click Send observation. You have now reported a whistleblowing observation.

After sending the observation you will receive an autogenerated username and password. Copy these credentials in a secure manner.

You cannot return to edit any provided information after sending, but you may monitor the observation and communicate with the case investigators through commenting on the observation.

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